High Voltage AC Resonant Mobile Testing System (HIGHVOLT – GERMANY)


High Voltage AC Resonant Mobile


  • Electrical test system from Germany
  • Test accordance with IEC60502-2, IEC 60840, IEC 62067, and IEEE 400
  • Can be testing medium and high voltage
  • Can be testing the cable length up to 18 km.
  • The AC resonant test will not endanger the cable insulation.
Electrical & Industrial Tape (Coretran - China)


Connectors for Copper Cable


  • EPR tape
  • Semi-Conductive tape
  • Filler tape
  • PVC tape
  • Cold Shrinkable Tube 12 – 36 kV
Cable Peeling Tool (HIVOTEC – Switzerland)


Connectors for Copper Cable


  • One tool, two operations: Peeling and insulation stripping
  • Equipped with guiding rollers, no greasing of cable surface needed
  • Very smooth insulation surface, no regrinding needed
  • Smooth transition between insulation and semicon, typically no rework is needed
  • Wide range of cable diameters
  • Easy ergonomic handling
  • Handles slightly bent cables without problems
Submersible Secondary Connectors (CONNECTOR MANUFACTURING COMPANY – USA)


Connectors for Copper Cable

  • Multiple seals incorporated into caps and rockets.
  • High quality EPDM rubber.
  • Clear plated for low-contact resistance.
  • Meets the performance requirements of ANSI C119.1, ANSI C119.4 and Western Underground Committee Guide 2.5.
  • Supplied with aluminum set-screws.
  • Includes silicone grease and CO-OX oxide inhibitor.
  • Connector fabricated from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for conductivity and strength.
  • Each unit individually wrapped and labeled for ease of identification and cleanliness.
  • For installation, CMC® recommends the use of a 9" insulated hex wrench (no tee handles).
  • User friendly wide-port spacing (50% more room for cable training).
IKI-Overhead-Fault Indicator (KRIES Energietechnik GmbH & Co. KG - Germany)


Connectors for Copper Cable


  • Short-circuit and earth-fault detection in overhead line networks. With secondary sources (e.g. wind energy converters). Display of first and second alarm event without any change of settings. Requirement: automatic recloser
Cable Joint Resin (Global Resins – UK)


Connectors for Copper Cable


  • The PU238 resin system has been specifically developed for encapsulation of electronics, light electrical applications and cable joints. The system is available in a number of formats but the acclaimed twinpack system is the preferred method of supply for the cable joint kit.
PV Modules (Astronergy – China)


Connectors for Copper Cable

  • High Power Output
  • Excellent Performance at Low Irradiance
  • More Credible and Precise PR Value Simulation
  • Stringent Production Quality Control
  • PID Free Ability
  • More Cycles in-house Reliability Test
  • Linear Power Output Warranty
  • The 3rd party Insurance
  • Independent Engineering Due Diligence Report
String Inverters (Growatt – China)


Connectors for Copper Cable

  • Double MPPT Tracker, MPPT tracking accuracy more than 99.5%
  • Max. Efficiency 97.9%, European Efficiency 97.4%
  • Integrated DC switch for added safety protection
  • Transformerless design and high power density, offer lighter and more
  • Convenient installation
  • 5 years standard warranty
  • Strong AC output power overload capability
  • Flexible communication connection, support Bluetooth, RF
  • Zigbee, WiFi
  • Comply with European, Asia-Pacific, and Ocean safety regulations
CRS Automatic Splice  (MacLean Power Systems - USA)


Connectors for Copper Cable

  • New synthetic inhibitor with wide temperature range for improved corrosion protection in severe environments
  • Pop up tab to verify proper insertion
  • Ventilation holes to allow moisture to escape and for air cooling
  • Stainless steel spring & aluminum pilot cup to improve corrosion performance
  • Field proven: over 750,000 units already sold worldwide
  • Suitable for any environment: coastal, industrial, urban or rural
  • Simple, but robust, design for a fast and reliable connection
  • Rated to hold a minimum of 95% of RBS of the conductor used
  • ANSI C119.4 Full Tension Class A connector
DC Generator (Polar Power Inc. – USA)


Connectors for Copper Cable

Primarily used for prime power systems including solar hybrid
  • Designed for weather extremes, especially hurricanes.
  • All aluminum cabinet with stainless hardware, very corrosion resistant.
  • Available in all fuels: propane, natural gas, and diesel.
  • Can operate up to 6 - 12 months without maintenance or inspection.
  • Engineered to provide 15 to 25 year service life with low maintenance.
  • Very quiet operation.
Single - Piece Transmission Cable Joints (TCJ) (Elastimold - USA)


Elastimold Single

  • The world best transmission joints ever.
  • The shortest length and lightest weight transmission joints give more space in the manhole, shortest installation time and longest service life.
  • Field - proven service by MEA (Thailand) for over 19 years. (Over 4,000 PCS installed in Thailand for 69 & 115 KV joints with excellent service history.
Air Break Switches with/without vacuum interrupters (Turner Electric - USA)


Air Break Switches


Unlike many so-called transmission switches that are just substation switches modified for use on a pole, Turner's type "CD" is a true transmission switch. Designed and built for the harsh environmental conditions, galloping conductors and constant pole flexing inherent in severe aerial applications, "CD" switches employ a specially designed, one piece, 6061T6 Aluminum frame (through 115 kV), and a galvanized steel frame (at 138 and 161 kV), as amounting structure. The frame eliminates the need for pole crosstrees or braces.
Lightning arresters, fuse cutout, insulators (MacLean Power Systems - USA)


Ma Clean Power System


  • Distribution arresters
  • Station and intermediate arresters
  • Transmission line arresters
  • Porcelain, polymeric fuse cutout
  • Insulators (post insulators, transmission suspension insulators)
  • Wildlife protectors
CSP Circuit Breaker (P&A Power Products Inc - Korea)


CSP Circuit Breaker


The CSP Protection concept is generally applied to Single phase and Three phase transformers up to 400 kVA. The CSP concept is applied to systems where the low voltage of the transformer might be in the range of 400 to 480 volts.
Underground Distribution & Transmission Cable Accessories (Elastimold - USA)




  • Elbow Connectors for ring main unit and padmount transformer
  • Separable Connectors - 2 ways, 3 ways, 4 ways
  • Cable Joints (12-115 KV)
  • Elbow Surge Arresters
  • Vacuum Switches
Underground Cable Accessories (Elastimold - USA)


Voltage and Fault Indicators

Advance Acutrim Design Improves Accuracy, Performance and Reliability 5kV thru 35kV Rated for Underground and Overhead System Applications Easily Installed Test Point or Cable Clamp Mounting Styles Compact, Sealed, Corrosion Resistant Construction with Provision for Hot stick Installation and Operation Accurate Voltage and Phase Indicators Fault Indicators Include Choice of Voltage or Time Reset and Mechanical Flag or Flashing LED Display Units are self Powered and Feature Automatic Trip and Reset Functions Exceeds ANSI/IEEE 495-1986


  • Load break & dead break separable connectors
  • Splices, termites, elbow surge arrests, fused elbows
DryKeep - USA




The insulation system of most power transformers consists of organic materials... Mineral oil, cellulose paper and pressboard. Moisture in the insulation system, along with operating temperature and oxygen in the transformer oil, constitutes the most important transformer ageing mechanism. Maintaining transformer insulation in a properly "dried-out" state to reduce the ageing phenomenon and the risk of failure can be a difficult and costly process, requiring capital intensive equipment and significant transformer outages.
Surge Arresters and Fuse cutout 21 KV ZForce (MacLean Power Systems - USA)


Surge Arresters


ZForce mold-on polymer housing for the ultimate seal against moisture ingress, high strength fiberglass for high fault-withstand design, integrated ground lead disconnect for fast reliable operation, operates in less than 2 second at 1 amp and less than 2 cycles at 1,000 amps

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